Mother Nature is wonderful.  I believe in starting with natural remedies for many health problems, especially the minor ones.

My own toolkit and training is based around diet, lifestyle, nature fertility awareness,  homeopathy and herbs.

And I often get asked about herbs. Herbs for menopause mainly but sometimes for other hormone havoc.


Please, please, please check that herbs are suitable for you before you start taking them.  Some are not suitable in pregnancy, when breastfeeding, when taking certain meds including HRT or if you’re suffering from some medical conditions. It’s your responsibility to check.

And use quality herbal products.  Look for herbs that are not “standardised” to use them in the traditional way i.e. not processed.

Read labels for safe dosages.

If you need specific help speak with a qualified Medical Herbalist. Check the official register in your country to find a good one.

So here’s my low down on some of the herbs for menopause and other hormone issues.



Useful for: boosting fertility, hot flushes and sweats, pepping libido.

It’s Peruvian Ginseng and been used in the Andes for thousands of years for strength, energy and hormone balancing. It’s one of my herbs for menopause.

Maca is packed full of nutrients including zinc, which is a powerhouse for the sex hormones.

I shove this in my porridge, smoothies, shakes, some desserts at about a tablespoon at a time.

Some warn against using it pregnancy and breastfeeding because there is not much info on its safety here. Others warn against its use in oestrogen imbalances like certain cancers, fibroids and Endometriosis.



Useful for:  PMS, irregular cycles, menopause symptoms, hormonal mood swings and low mood.

You may have heard this called The Women’s Herb?

It’s a balancer. Agnus Castus boosts where there is not enough and lowers where there is too much.

Women with breast pain, cramps, mood swings, menstrual headaches and cravings use it to support their PMS.

It’s great in your PeriMenopausal Princess years when your hormones are all over the place.

Again, some warn against it in pregnancy, breastfeeding, oestrogen- related conditions and when undergoing IVF. It’s not recommended for Parkinson’s sufferers and anyone with psychotic disorders.

It’s not recommended if you’re taking artificial hormones like the Pill, HRT etc and some other meds.



Useful for: PMS, hormonal headaches and migraines, period pains, acne, hot flushes and night sweats, bone health.

The Black Cohosh root is used for medicinal purposes. It was first used by Native American Indians and became a popular for women; health issues in Europe last century.

Black Cohosh root seems to have some effects similar to oestrogen. It’s sometimes known as a herbal oestrogen. It does not increase oestrogen or affect the cells in the womb or vagina, unlike HRT.  So, it’s a good choice when thinking herbs for menopause.

Research shows that taking Black Cohosh can reduce some menopause hot flushes and night sweats.

Its also used for mood swings and anxiety that we can get in our pre menopause years.

Again, be mindful if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have serious hormone related conditions.

There’s also some nervousness around liver issues after a handful of worldwide cases but it’s never been proven that the herb causes liver problems.



Useful for: hot flushes and night sweats.

It’s been used for thousands of years traditionally.  Great as one of our herbs for menopause.

It’s also reported to be good for fatigue and disturbed sleep.

Usual warnings apply.



Useful for: hot flushes and night sweats

Whoop whoop – another for menopause hot flushes and nasty night sweats!

I sometimes have this as a tea made from fresh leaves and just boiled water.



Useful for: liver function.

When anyone asks me where to start to improve hormone health, my stock response is WITH YOUR LIVER!

The liver processes all the toxins, nasties and old hormones that we don’t need in our bodies, so tone up your liver to balance hormones.

Milk thistle is great liver tonic.  Diet and lifestyle choices are also important.

The same warnings apply as with all the other herbs I have mentioned.

If I take this, I choose a good quality tincture.



I’m a little sensitive, so I use homeobotanicals myself. Herbs are powerful and potent and so some people may find them little too much.

Homeobotanicals are herbs prepared by dilution and shaking.

I have a lovely women’s balance tincture that I use with private clients and also one that’s a male balancing tonic I use with my baby-making fellas.

The women’s tincture I have used for hormone balancing and as herbs for menopause and had good feedback. I have one beautiful Perimenopausal Princess client who swears by it!