Yes, you read that right!

This blog is inspired by someone who recently told me she’s bought a nice smelling wash for “downstairs”.  At first, I thought she meant the kitchen floor, but NO. She mean to wash her “downstairs”! Her vajayjay.

As you can probably tell, I’m not a huge fan of buying washes to wash your vajayjay. Not only can the ingredients like soap and fragrances irritate your lady parts BUT it’s possible the washes and deodorants contain health and hormone-harming chemicals.  And hormone harming nasties can affect fertility.

AND does anyone really, want to slather their vagina (see, I can use the right word really) in those? Well, do they?

So I’m bashing at my keyboard to bring to you my 6 top tips for looking after your vajayjay. How to keep her clean and healthy, I mean. For any hair removal and vajazzling, you need to go elsewhere.  Soz.

Lets’s start with…


Washing Your Vajayjay

Use clean water to wash your vagina.

Soaps, shower gels, washes can contain chemicals which irritate or are health and hormone harmers.  If you use a shower gel or soap in the shower/bath, use a totally natural one (my addiction to Neals Yard Geranium and Orange is now legendary) in case it gets into you cracks and crevices.

If you want to check out your personal care products to see how natural and safe they really are, go to Environmental Working Group Skin Deep website.


Be Savvy With Sanitary Protection

Use organic cotton sanitary protection. It doesn’t contain nasty chemicals either, which could leach out.  Bleurgh.   Especially important if you’re a tampon user. Best avoid chemicals inserted right up there, in my view.

Personally, I see a lot of benefit in using towels. Because I think Mother Nature intended the flow to come right out, not be kept in. And tampon use risks Toxic Shock Syndrome, unless you change regularly.

Some of my clients use re-usable protection like Moon Cups.  Here is one link that explains them – you can buy them in lots of other places too.

All protection should be changed regularly for good hygiene.


Use Condoms

If you have multiple sexual partners, using condoms for sex is your best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Some sexually transmitted diseases have no symptoms and you may not know you have it. Some STDs can harm fertility and babies born.  ‘Nuff said.


Dress For Vajayjay Health

Your vajayjay wants to be kept as cool as possible to avoid overgrowth of bacteria.

Treat yours to nice cotton undies. And avoid wearing tights, exercise gear like leggings or skinny jeans for long periods. As if anyone needs an excuse to take off tights as soon as you get home!

Don’t wear undies at night (unless you have your period, of course).

Be careful what you wash your smalls in – once again, chemicals in washing products can irritate you and could be health and hormone harming. Did you know that those lovely smelling fabric conditioners can be some of the most toxic products?


Eat To Beat Any Issues

Nasty bacteria and yeasts thrive on sugar.  If you’re a sugar scoffer you’re more at risk of thrush. And let’s face it, there is sugar everywhere –  cakes, biscuits, candies, chocolate, packet foods, diet foods, processed foods, sauces … an endless list.

Alcohol aso encourages yeast growth in the vagina, raising the risk of thrush.

Mucus forming foods like red meat, refined carbs and most dairy (organic live yoghurt is an exception) affect the vagina too. Altering it’s acid/alkaline balance.

Organic live plain yoghurt has good bacteria. As does sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), kimchi (spicy kraut), kefir (a probiotic milk drink ), kombucha (a fermented drink). Including these in your life can make sure your body has plenty of good bacteria. Don’t get those supermarket probiotic drinks – full of sugar!

Choose a hormone friendly diet.


Good Toilet Habits

*ahem* wipe front to back.  You get what I’m saying?

That’s the best way of avoiding bum germs (we all have them!) getting into your vagina.


So that’s it.  6 ways to keep your vajayjay happy and healthy.  AND therefore to help protect your delicate hormones and fertility.

You know it makes sense.

Love, Kathy x

P.S.Neals Yard is an ambassador link.