Self Care Isn’t Selfish

One of my mantras is “self-care isn’t selfish”. Women often put themselves last.  It doesn’t best serve you or the people you care about. You have more to give when you are happy, healthy and energetic.  No-one can serve from an empty cup. Invest in yourself.

Realising your potential. You have potential. I’m totally committed to help you achieve your health potential… you have to be ready and committed to getting results too. I can’t make the changes for you


Treating you as an individual.  You are unique and special. You deserve to be nurtured. One size does not fit all. Together we can protect and improve the level of health you have. You aren’t defined by any diagnosis or label..

Tackling the cause. Your symptoms are just that. Not causes. I can help you work through root causes and tackle them with you. Another mantra is “no guilt, shame or blame”.  It doesn’t matter what you did before. We’re all just doing our best at any given time. Draw a line. When we know better we can choose to do better.

Informing AND Transforming. Maybe you want information. You’ll find it in spades here, for free on my blog and social media pages. But information on its own, doesn’t mean transformation. I provide practical support to help you change your habits and health, one step at a time.

Trusting Mother Nature.  Mother Nature is amazing. Work with your body not against it. Let’s restore and rebalance naturally.  Or use natural ways alongside your conventional treatment.

Making informed choice. You have choices. I respect your choices in healthcare. With your permission, I can work with others to help achieve your goals.

Protecting health and fertility. Prevention is better than cure. By developing good lifestyle choices you can stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. Staying healthy also helps protect fertility and the health of your future children.

Everything in moderation. You will benefit when you choose healthy habits at least 80-90% of the time.  I am not the lettuce-nibbling, gym-bunny Health Police. Small, gradual changes reap benefits and are more likely to become habits.

Being positive.  You can expect pleasantries, positivity and passion. I’m a rose-tinted, glass half-full, sunny-side-of-the-street person.  But I’m not Pollyanna. I do speak the truth respectfully, as I see it. BSing you doesn’t help you get the results you want. I take my work seriously, though it comes with a dollop of humour and a hug, if you need one.