Fertility Friendly Diet – Not Just for Baby-Making.

I could write a book on preparing to try for a baby and eating for fertility and hormone health (one day!).  And when I’m talking about a fertility friendly diet, don’t switch off if you’re NOT baby-making at the moment – oh no.

Eating for fertility is important if you’re planning a baby right now or in the future. And whether you’re struggling to fall pregnant or not.

Heck, even if you think you might never want children, eating this way will help protect your hormonal and general health.

This is about protecting fertility and health as well as boosting it.  And I’m here to show you the basics. And that the basics don’t suck.

So What IS a Fertility Friendly Diet?

Making a baby needs a strong sperm, the release of a healthy egg, the right timing of sex and a healthy Mum to carry that baby.

The food we eat affects every single cell in our bodies, every body system and every body process. No surprise then that food is important for fertility, conceiving and pregnancy.  AND the health of children born. Food is fuel and food is medicine.

A fertility friendly diet is one that boosts overall health to improve fertility.  It’s basic good nutrition. Basically good for ALL of us,  including any potential baby-makers.

As I said I could write a book…but that would make for a l-o-n-g and overwhelming blog post.

And generally I like to show you the baby steps first (no pun intended). Then women and couples can take away some small changes they can make right here, right now to make a big difference over time.

On the subject of time, don’t think that eating 5 a day (it’s SEVEN a day, at least, by the way) from Monday means you should get down to business by Friday.  It takes a while for changes to make a difference, so please make changes for at least 4 months before trying to get pregnant. Those 4 months are the foundation of your baby’s health.

So here are the very basics to get you started…

The Basics of a Fertility Friendly Diet

1. Balance your blood sugar by eating regularly and having good quality protein with every meal and snack.  Protein sources include nuts, seeds, legumes, eggs, fish, poultry, meat, dairy. For other fertility-protecting reasons, go easy on red meat and dairy.

2. Choose organic food as far as possible – certainly for any meat or poultry, dairy and the “dirty dozen” veggies and fruits. See the EWG’s list of the Dirty Dozen, pesticide residue covered veggies and fruits.

3. Eat a variety and plenty of vegetables and fruits – much more veggies than fruits and include leafy greens. Have at least seven portions of veggies and fruits daily.   Yes, SEVEN.

4. Eat good fats – nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish. Reduce saturated fats from meats and trans fats from processed foods.

5. Choose unrefined carbs for fibre and nutrition – brown rice, quinoa, chia seed, oats, rye, spelt, buckwheat, legumes and if you have wheat eat sparingly and have wholegrain. You need LOTS of fibre for digestive and hormonal health.

6. Avoid – or vastly reduce – caffeine, alcohol, sugar and artificial sweeteners, processed and refined foods.

And this applies to men as well as women. Guys, it take two to tango.

Does a Fertility Friendly Diet Suck?

And if you read that and still think it’s all about the kale, it’s not.  Well, kale is good for you no doubt, but you don’t need to turn into a kale quaffing food bore when you’re following a fertility friendly diet.

You don’t necessarily have to give up all the things you like …unless you ONLY like the items in point 6. of my list, that is.  There are plenty of really healthy and delicious things you can eat. And I do believe that the very occasional indulgence can make for a happier life, if going cold-turkey is just too stressful.

Anyway, you might discover new foods and recipes that you love. Variety is the spice of life. (I’m pun-tastic today)

There are so many recipes sources online and shelves full of books on healthy eating. I even share my own kitchen creations with you regularly for inspiration. *whispers – some are “fakeaways * i.e. I find healthier alternatives to takeaway food and “junk” food for those who enjoy chicken nuggets or kebabs.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to get into the kitchen and cook up a superfood storm?

Fertility Friendly diet anyone? Or EVERYONE?

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