Mineral deficiency.  All too common.

But what IS it? Why should YOU care? How would you know if you had one, anyway?


What Is A Mineral Deficiency?

Minerals are a kind of nutrient. They are needed for the body to work properly. A lack of a certain mineral is called “mineral deficiency”.  The body doesn’t get the amount of a mineral it needs.

We get minerals from food, supplements, and foods with minerals added.  You might see “fortified with minerals” written on packets.

A lack of a mineral usually happens slowly over time.

It can be caused by :-

  • a bigger need for the mineral.
  • low minerals in the diet.
  • trouble absorbing the minerals from food.


Mineral Deficiency – Why Should You Care?

Lack of minerals can lead to  health problems. Weak bones, tiredness and low immune system, to name a few.  Mineral deficiency can affect hormones and fertility.

I arrange hair tests for clients. The tests can show up low minerals and also high toxic metals in the body.

Many women and couples choose to have their hair tested as part of  getting “baby-ready” a.k.a. preconception care . So they can see if they are low in the nutrients needed to get pregnant.  AND have a healthy pregnancy. Calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, manganese for starters.

Other women just want to know if their symptoms or health problems are due to mineral or toxic metal problems.

This may surprise you.  Many of my clients are already eating pretty well. Some people are shocked when their hair tests show lack in minerals or high toxic metals.

So why might someone be lacking minerals?


Possible Causes of Mineral Deficiency

Poor Diet

Poor diet can lead to lack of minerals.  That is eating packaged and processed food, low in nutrients.  Eating a nutrient dense and varied diet reduces risk of mineral deficiency.

Poor Absorption

You could be eating a great diet and STILL have low minerals.  That’s because you may not able to absorb all of the goodness from food.

“Malabsorption” is the term for any illness where nutrients or minerals are not digested well. Or absorbed by the gut.

Examples are digestive issues like pancreatitis and Chrohns Disease, infections, parasites, inflammation and  blockages.


Antibiotics harm healthy gut bacteria.  Those healthy gut bacteria help us absorb minerals . Antibiotics also encourage overgrowth of yeasts, like candida in the gut.  Candida can lead to a whole raft of problems. Think sugar cravings, hormone havoc, low sex drive, bladder infection, brain fog, tiredness, bloating. Sound familiar to anyone?

The Contraceptive Pill

Yes, the Pill robs our bodies of zinc, manganese and magnesium. Same is true of  Clomid, the fertility drug. And we need good nutrition for conception and pregnancy.

Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

These habits lower levels of zinc, selenium, vitamins A and E, cobalt and chromium.

Chlorine In Drinking Water

Chlorine is believed to destroy gut flora.

Fertilisers and Herbicides

Some fertilisers rob soil of nutrients because they do not replace lost minerals.  Natural fertilisers like horse poop or vegetabley stuff put nutrients back into soil.

Herbicides kill germs on the soil. This means that soil takes up lower levels of some minerals.  Manganese is one.

Food Additives

Some food additives lower levels of zinc and magnesium.

Illness, Injury and Surgery

All of these need zinc for healing. Allergies and gut parasites also lower nutrient absorption.


Stress lowers zinc and Vitamin B complex.

Diet High In Refined Carbs

A diet high in refined/white carbs isn’t nutritious.  Sugar also robs nutrients.


Phew, that’s a quick run-through.  Hope thats helped?  So are YOU at risk of mineral deficiency?


Hair Mineral Testing

I arrange hair mineral tests for clients. Some are couples who are trying to have a baby. Some are women who are worried about nutrition or have symptoms they want to check out.

A hair sample is sent to an expert Lab.  The Lab tests it for minerals and toxic metals.  They send back a full report. Plus recommendations for supplements, diet and lifestyle changes.

Hair mineral testing shows minerals and toxic metals over time. Blood tests only show what was flowing  in the blood at the time blood was taken.

I use Foresight for testing. That’s because they use appropriate “normal”  ranges to measure different client’s results. One range for pre-conception care clients.  One range for the general public.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch.