Fuel Fertility (All-In)

You are all in and full on, right?

You are ready to take back control on your journey to parenthood.

You are fully prepared to do what it takes to max chances of natural conception or boost chances of IVF success – because you know that success rates are low.

You know that preconception is a part of the journey, not something to “fall back on” as a last resort. It should be the first resort! And may mean no last resort needed.

You are ready for Fuel Fertility a 6 month tailored preconception care programme based on hair mineral testing.

Don’t skimp on investing in your health and fertility and future, precious baby’s health and happiness.

Don’t take general advice, second guess or half-ass boosting your fertility and preparing for pregnancy.

I know what it can be like.

You fight back anger and tears when you see couples fall pregnant easily or worse…by accident!

You want the ground to swallow you up when someone asks when you’re going to start churning out kids because you’ve been together ages/time is running out/you’d make great parents/I want to be a Granny.

You know they mean well, but you’d cheerfully punch the next person who says “Hey relax and it’s bound to happen”.

 You feel guilty because you have a condition that might make conceiving more tricky.

 You feel guilty when it’s your partner and you secretly wish they didn’t have a “problem”.  Maybe not even that secretly.

 You feel guilty that you’ve not been able to make the changes you know could help … like lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress.

 You dread your period coming every month. You dread even more having to tell your partner and watch them try to pretend it’s all okay.

 You can’t help feel jealous, angry and upset when someone else announces they’re pregnant.

 You spent huge amounts of time, money and what seems like the last crumbs of your sanity trying to have a baby.

 You spent YEARS desperate NOT to wind up pregnant and now you’d do ANYTHING to get pregnant

 You think “Why can’t we have a baby? It’s not fair.”

I hear you.  

This VIP package is perfect for you if:-

  • You are all in and full on in your journey to the baby of your dreams.
  • You know that preconception care is THE FOUNDATION of fertility and boosts your chances naturally or via IVF; it’s a critical part of your journey.
  • You want a preconception care programme tailored to you based on initial hair mineral analysis and your fertility assessment, not generic advice or snippets gained from fertility forums that may not even apply to you.
  • You want an expert to guide you through the changes to keep you on track and offer you support and encouragement.

What You get:-

  • A comprehensive fertility assessment so we can start playing detective.
  • 1 x 60 minute initial video consultation or phone call to review your assessment so I can provide tailored guidance to you
  • 11 video-chat or phone calls of up to 45 minutes each to talk and get my best guidance, tailored to you. These are usually taken over a 6 month period.
  • Email support  in between calls.
  • Handouts, cheat sheets, workbooks, recipes, recommendations, references- whichever of my tools works for you.
  • 2 hair mineral analysis tests and reports each from a leading Lab – either one test for each partner OR one test and one retest.
  • Recommendations for your own supplement programme
  • Homeopathic remedies for support – optional.

Your Investment is £1494.  Payment plans available. You can pay in 1, 3, 6 or 10 instalments.    It does not include supplements or any remedies or tinctures or any functional tests.  You can also choose to purchase functional tests separately.

Still Not Sure?

If you’d like to make doubly sure this is the package for you, book your free Fire Up Fertility Call here.