Want Help To Have A Mellow Menopause ?

Mission Menopause (Intensive)

Want to get unstuck?

Got a very specific question? Or need a “one-off” session to kick start your journey to better health?  Or want to pick up the pace on your path to a mellow menopause, looking lovely and feeling fabulous, darling?

Mission Menopause is what I call an hour’s “intensive”. An introduction to me and my health and hormone-helping methods.. It gets you unstuck.

You also get  a 30 minute  follow-up a couple of weeks later to check progress and answer any remaining questions.

Let’s get this party started.

Get Some Menopause Moxie  (Crash Course)

Hot and bothered by horrid hot flushes?

Is the last time you got jiggy with your partner a very dim and distant memory?

Does your mood change more than the weather? The Forecaster could be talking about you when they say “an area of low depression causing dark cloud and rain”

Lost your moxie in this peri/menopause malarkey?

Get yourself Kathy’s 1-1 crash course in super self-care for happier hormones.  You’re worth it!  It’s worth it.

Menopause Majesty (All In)

You are all in and full on, right?

You’re a member of the Peri Posse or a Meno Maven. And you’re getting primed for your prime.

Yes, menopause is a life stage. Scary and exciting. And it can be more “bring it on” than “game over”.

You’re up for Meno Majesty, like the Queen of Your Own Life that you are; yah boo sucks to Meno Misery.

And HRT is NOT the only option.

You’re a woman who wants to make the autumn of her life as sunny as possible, not suffer a Winter of Discontent.

No more skimping on investing in your health and happiness.  No second guessing or half-assing your health.

You’ve taken care of everyone else, now it’s YOUR turn. Watch out world.

You are ready for Menopause Majesty in a 6 month tailored preconception care programme based on hair mineral testing.