Want Help to Balance Hormones ?

Hormone Hour (Intensive)

Want to get unstuck?

Got a very specific question? Or need a “one-off” session to kick start your journey to better health?  Or want to pick up the pace on your path to hormone harmony, looking good and feeling great?

Hormone Hour is what I call an hour’s “intensive”.  An introduction to me and my health and hormone-helping methods. It gets you unstuck.

You also get  a 30 minute  follow-up a couple of weeks later to check progress and answer any remaining questions.

Let’s make progress.  Together.

Tame Haywire Hormones  (Crash Course)

Haywire hormones can strike at any age. Don’t put off tackling them, if you want to protect your future health, happiness, hormones and fertility.

And deal with your current horrible symptoms, of course.

Whether it’s dodgy cycles, skin breakouts, weight gain, mood swings, PMS, sleeplessness, tiredness, low energy, anxiety or SEVERAL of the above.

No-one wants to put up with that!

You deserve a life full of joy, sprinkled with stardust and a big, fat cherry on the top.

Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope it will magically go away. It won’t.

Get yourself Kathy’s 1-1 crash course in super self-care for happier hormones.  You’re worth it!  It’s worth it.

Heal Your Hormones (All In)

You are all in and full on, right?

You are so ready to take back control of your hormones, health and happiness.

Enough is enough.

You know that quick fixes aren’t a long term solution and they can come at a price – hello unwanted side effects.

You recognise that putting yourself last, just means that you aren’t at your best, you’re not giving your best, you’re not living your best life.

And you deserve a great life – you give so much to others.  It’s your turn.

You are ready to Heal Your Hormones in a 6 month tailored preconception care programme based on hair mineral testing.

No more skimping on investing in your health and happiness.  Do you seriously believe you aren’t worth it?

Don’t take general advice, second guess or half-ass this. It’s your LIFE. You only get one.