VIP Coaching

Fertility Focus (Intensive)

Want to get unstuck?

Got a very specific question? Or need a “one-off” session to kick start your journey?  Or want to pick up the pace on your path to parenthood?

Fertility Focus is what I call an hour’s “intensive”.  An introduction to me and my preconception care methods. Real momentum for you on your journey to being a Mum. It gets you unstuck.

You also get  a 30 minute follow-up a couple of weeks later to check progress and answer any remaining questions.

Don’t stay stuck.

Your Fertility Friendly Lifestyle (Crash Course)

YOU deffo want to produce the healthiest egg and best sperm possible, right?  For conception, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby?

3 months (roughly) is the time taken for an egg to mature and the lifecycle of a sperm.  You can make a HUGE difference to your health and fertility in that short time, with the right action.

Whether you’re just getting in shape before trying for a baby OR you’re already underway. Even struggling.

You want a great preconception care programme as the very foundation of your path to parenthood.

Don’t cross your fingers, hope for the best and let yet another month slip by with no BFP.

Get yourself Kathy’s 1-1 crash course in super preconception care.

Fuel Fertility (All In)

You are all in and full on, right?

You are ready to take back control on your journey to parenthood.

You are fully prepared to do what it takes to max chances of natural conception or boost chances of IVF success – because you know that success rates are low.

You know that preconception is a part of the journey, not something to “fall back on” as a last resort. It should be the first resort! And may mean no last resort needed.

You are ready for Fuel Fertility a 6 month tailored preconception care programme based on hair mineral testing.

Don’t skimp on investing in your health and fertility and future, precious baby’s health and happiness.

Don’t take general advice, second guess or half-ass boosting your fertility and preparing for pregnancy.