Manage Your Menopause Free Call

This one call could be the key to managing your menopause marvellously.

You are fed up with being all hormone-y right? You want some hormone harmony and happiness instead.

You are sick of sucky symptoms and want to get your life back.

But you’re not sure what to do next. To move from sick, tired and stuck to feeling fab and looking great..

My Free Manage Your Menopause Calls are perfect for you.


Hormone Health HQ for the Peri Posse and Meno Mavens Facebook Group

This is THE group for women – late 30s to 50s + – ready to take back control of their hormones and health, naturally!

It’s for women wanting to change their life… BEFORE or DURING their Change of Life.


…haywire cycles, PMS, muffin top, mood swings, hot flushes/night sweats, low energy, sex drive slump, anxiety, sleeplessness, brain fog, hair/skin changes.


10 Tips To Reduce Hot Flushes Naturally E Book

Lady, you’re still HOT and happening.

Just maybe a bit hotter than before.

Actually, hotter and redder and sweatier. And it comes in waves.

Life and sleep are spoiled by horrible hot flushes and nasty night sweats.

They’re uncomfortable, inconvenient, embarrassing and worrying.

They pop up when you least expect it.. and least want it … at some special occasion, in the middle of some big deal at work, when trying to sleep, paying at the checkout, getting your jiggy on… wahhhhhhh