Heal Your Hormones (All In)

You are all in and full on, right?

You are so ready to take back control of your hormones, health and happiness.

Enough is enough.

You know that quick fixes aren’t a long term solution and they can come at a price – hello unwanted side effects.

You recognise that putting yourself last, just means that you aren’t at your best, you’re not giving your best, you’re not living your best life.

And you deserve a great life – you give so much to others.  It’s your turn.

You are ready to Heal Your Hormones in a 6 month tailored preconception care programme based on hair mineral testing.

No more skimping on investing in your health and happiness.  Do you seriously believe you aren’t worth it?

Don’t take general advice, second guess or half-ass this. It’s your LIFE. You only get one.

I get it!

You came to the conclusion that PMS like this isn’t “normal”.

That – sure – every woman is unique, but cycles shouldn’t be this screwy, right?

You’re not keen on Pills, patches and implants with all their risks and side-effects.  Or you just want to get off them as soon as you can. They are not the cure for every (hormonal) ill.

You’re worried about what these sucky signs are telling you about your future fertility? Or future menopause? Yikes. It doesn’t bode well.

The impact it’s all having on your life is too much. The impact it’s having on others is too much too.

There must be more to life to feeling this tired.? This stressed?

Or maybe you’re riding a rollercoaster of tired and wired? Of teary and cheery? Of energy peaks and slumps?  Of nibbling lettuce then stuffing your face with chocolate and wine?

Stop. It. Now. You need to get off that ride.

The VIP package is perfect for you if:-


  • You are all in and full on in your journey to heal your hormones
  • You want a health care programme tailored to you based on initial hair mineral analysis and your assessment, not generic advice or snippets gained from friends or online that may not apply to you
  • You want an expert to guide you through the changes to keep you on track and offer you support and encouragement.

What you’ll get:-

  • A comprehensive fertility assessment so we can start playing detective.
  • 1 x 60 minute initial video consultation or phone call to review your assessment so I can provide tailored guidance to you
  • 11 video-chat or phone calls of up to 45 minutes each to talk and get my best guidance, tailored to you. These are usually taken over a 6 month period.
  • Email support  in between calls.
  • Handouts, cheat sheets, workbooks, recipes, recommendations, references- whichever of my tools works for you.
  • 2 hair mineral analysis tests and reports each from a leading Lab –one test and one retest.
  • Recommendations for your own supplement programme
  • Homeopathic remedies for support – optional.

Your Investment is £1494.  Payment plans available. You can pay in 1, 3, 6 or 10 instalments.

It does not include supplements or any remedies or tinctures or any functional tests.

You can also choose to purchase functional tests separately.

Still Not Sure?…

If you’d like to make doubly sure this is the package for you, book your free Help Your Hormones Call here.