Hormone Hour (Intensive)

Want to get unstuck?

Got a very specific question? Or need a “one-off” session to kick start your journey to better health?  Or want to pick up the pace on your path to hormone harmony, looking good and feeling great?

Hormone Hour is what I call an hour’s “intensive”. An introduction to me and my health and hormone-helping methods. It gets you unstuck.

You also get  a 30 minute  follow-up a couple of weeks later to check progress and answer any remaining questions.

Let’s make progress.  Together.

I get it!

You’re wondering what the heck’s wrong with you?

You’ve been told it’s “normal”, your age, busy-ness or it’ll settle down.

Or you’ve been offered drugs or another treatment and you’re just not sure.

But you’re fed up with suffering and you know it’s not right.

You tried a few things – sometimes in a half-assed way, true – but nothing worked.

You’re sick of the symptoms ruling your life and ruining your life.  And praying on your mind.

You really need a boost.  Someone to talk to. Who will  listen without judgement and won’t  fob you off.

You want to take back control! Of your health, hormones and happiness, naturally.

You want some sparkle back.

Hormone Hour is right up your street if:-


  • You have a very specific question or area to focus on right now OR
  • You just need to get unstuck, because you’re really feeling stuck and sucky.
  • You ‘re confused by all the advice out there – it’s overwhelming.
  • You want to see if we’re a good fit for working together in a longer programme.

What you’ll get:-

  • A health assessment where you tell me everything relevant to your situation
  • 1 x 60 minute video consultation or phone call to review your assessment so I can provide tailored guidance to you
  • Custom guidance based on your personal assessment and consultation
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up video consultation or phone call to discuss progress and answer questions 2 weeks later.

Your Investment is £147

This is a one-off package per client. It does not include tests, supplements or any remedies or tinctures.

It does not include supplements or any remedies or tinctures or any functional tests.

You can also choose to purchase functional tests separately.

Still Not Sure?…

If you’d like to make doubly sure this is the package for you, book your free Help Your Hormones Call here.