This one convo could be the bomb for managing your perimenopause and menopause symptoms the natural way. 

You’re probably 40s or 50s (maybe late 30s) and it’s happening.  The dreaded M word…


In our 40s (typically) we start to show signs of hormone’s getting out of whack

…irregular and heavier cycles…

…weight gain especially around the tum…

… wonky temperature gauge…

…riding a rollercoaster of energy and mood swings 

…hair changes (not just the glitter highlights!) and you thought you’d said goodbye to problem skin as a teen!

If this is The Change, they can flippin’ well keep it! Aren’t you far too young anyway?

Actually Menopause isn’t until after your periods have stopped for a year or more. Usually in our early 50s.

But the bit before – the Perimenopause – can take years. Sorry for that truthbomb.

Those years needn’t be hard yards. Honestly.

You can take back control. You can make the Menopause easier to manage once you get there.   

Forget sweats, support tights and Sudoku.  You want to be marvelous, magnificent and mature!

Start making changes right NOW.

But where to start?  To move from hot and hormonal to hip and happening.

My Free Manage Your Perimenopause and Menopause Marvelously Calls are perfect for you



In them we:-

  • Create clarity on how to manage peri/menopause marvelously and naturally.
  • Find out the building blocks for tackling peri/menopause symptoms.
  • Discover the number 1 thing stopping you from getting the results you want.
  • Complete the Call knowing what to do next to tame those pesky hormones.
  • Outline – only if it feels right – how I can help you move from hormone-y to harmony.

My Free Manage Your Menopause Calls are perfect for you.  


Please be clear, this a call to look at what’s been going on for you and where to focus next. I can’t tell you how to do it all in these calls. For one thing, general advice has limited use in specific circumstances. And I don’t like giving women a couple of the jigsaw pieces and they think they have the full picture. It’s not fair on either of us. It probably won’t work on its own. We’ll both be disappointed. And if it was as easy as a couple of handy hints, there wouldn’t be so many women suffering.