Want to be Mistress of Your Own Menopause?

Are you a Midlife Miss? Menopausal Maven? Perimenopause Princess?

I get you.  You’re: –

  • Sick of hearing “it’s your age” or “women’s problems” or “JUST your homones”?  There’s no JUST about it!
  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
  • Suffering horrible symptoms?  Weight gain, furnace–hot flushes, mood swings, low sex-drive, nasty night-sweats, anxiety, dryness?
  • Wondering what the heck happened to you?

You miss the woman you once were and want a little of that girl back. You want some life back.  Good news! She’s still there. You can.

And you’re in the right place.  Let me help.  I’m a Meno Maven. And I’m happy to share my secrets of managing it marvellously.

Is This You?…

  • Fighting your mystery muffin top and weight gain – where did it even come from? You eat and exercise the same.
  • Battling anxiety, low mood and irritability, as you ride that rollercoaster of emotions? Your loved ones are ducking for cover.
  • Wishing you’d spontaneously combust at the next fiery flush or night sweat, so the embarrassment and inconvenience is over. Once and for all.
  • Forgetting the PIN to your credit card in the middle of a busy shop on a Saturday and wanting to cry? Can’t be just me with meno brain, can it?
  • Feeling dry-as-dust … every flippin’ where
  • Plucking hair from where you DON’T want it, yet it’s falling out of your head- wahhhhhhh

There are at least 34 symptoms of peri/menopause. Let’s crack on and start tackling yours.

No-one Wants Menopause Misery. Fact.

Yes, at least 34 symptoms. Some very common like weight gain and flushes. Some less so, like burning tongue and electric shocks.

Every woman is going to go through it- naturally or through medical means. Mostly, we’ll be in our 50s but it can much, much younger.

Whatever the situation,  no-one wants meno misery. 

No-one really signs up for flab, fear and flushes. Bloating, sore boobs and brittle hair.  Itching, insomnia and irritability.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. And you don’t have to resort to HRT to make a huge difference either.

Be a Menopause Thriver Not a Menopause Survivor

Menopause is a life transition not an illness, but it’s no laughing matter either. It can affect your whole life. I know.

Ch-ch-changes … just because you’ve always done okey doke living the way you choose until now, doesn’t mean the same habits will suit you as you approach “the Change of Life”.

It’s time to adopt new habits and take better care of yourself. Because you’re worth it.

But you’re a busy, modern woman; you like quick, simple, practical.

And I believe you deserve to be treated as a whole, unique and special sister as you transition to the wonderful, warm, wise, well (maybe a little wicked?) woman, YOU know you really are.

Don’t be defined by the “M” word.

I can help you.

Manage Your Menopause

Eating a healthy diet, chillaxing, sleeping well, avoiding toxic chemicals and gentle regular exercise can really help us grow a little older gracefully, gorgeously and glowing.

HRT is not the only option.

And self-care needn’t be a chore. Or a bore.  No eating cardboard.  No quaffing herbs that look and taste like weeds. No extreme detox.  No camping out in the gym.  No spending hours finding and cooking obscure sounding stuff that costs a packet.

Let me show you how.

Let me hold your hand and keep you from falling off that wagon.

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