Let’s kick off by saying this. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s NOT your fault you’re not pregnant yet.  And I really mean that. From my heart to yours.  Sincerely. With love.


This blog is all about how we don’t know, what we don’t know.  If no-one teaches us, we can’t know better and do better. In fertility. In health. Even life.

No fear, no shame, no blame, no guilt, no judgement. Ever.


No-one teaches us how to get pregnant or how to get pregnant faster.

In schools and in the media, it’s all about how NOT to get pregnant.  Safe sex. And how to avoid STIs. Especially aimed at younger people.

So when we do want a baby, we get some Folic Acid IF our doctor has bothered to say anything… most do: a couple of women have told me their doctor never even mentioned it. And they should.

We also get busy having regular, unprotected sex.

Because that’s what we’re supposed to do. To make a baby.  Right?

If we’re very lucky, we may have picked up along the way that smoking isn’t great for fertility. And drinking heavily.

That’s about it. Usually.


Quick Fixes For Fertility?

It’s often when it doesn’t happen quickly enough.

OR women over 35 start to worry about their age and fertility .

That we start to wonder how to speed it up or boost our chances. Pronto.

So we scour the internet. Get books. Ask people, sometimes.

To find there is a lot of confusing information. And overwhelming information. There’s a lot of misleading information.  Myths. And Old Wives Tales.

And we want a quick fix. I totally get that.  Of course, we want get pregnant faster. And deliver a healthy baby.

So we start with the so-called quick fixes… fertility friendly lube, lying with our legs in the air afterwards, multivitamins.

We might start pee-ing on sticks because we heard that timing sex to ovulation is going to boost our chances. Well yes, but pee-ing on sticks isn’t always accurate in predicting ovulation. More of that in another blog.


How To Get Pregnant Faster

I’ll say it again. No-one teaches us this stuff.

Well, okay. I do. A few people do. I do.

If you want to get pregnant faster. And boost your chances of IVF success.  You can do these things.  They may not be quick fixes. BUT there are little steps …small things you can start straight away.


#1 Change diet. 

Pizza doesn’t help you get pregnant. Nor other processed, packaged, ready-made, fast or takeaway food.

Ditto sugar, artificial sweeteners, white carbs, non organic meat and dairy.

We need nutritious food with fertility-fuelling vitamins, minerals, good fats, protein and brown carbs. Real food.   Poor nutrition can affect fertility.

So what do you eat? And drink?

No-one teaches us this stuff.


#2 Look At Your Life Choices

Smoking can harm fertility.

Drinking alcohol can affect fertility.

Caffeine (tea, coffee, green tea, chocolate, cola) can affect fertility.

Exercise –  too much and too little – can affect fertility.

Weight – being overweight or underweight – can affect fertility.

Drugs – recreational, over-the-counter and prescribed – can affect fertility.

Where and how do you start to tackle these?

No-one teaches us this stuff.


#3 Detox Your World

There are health harming chemicals everywhere.

Hormone-harming and fertility harming chemicals everywhere.

You just need to know what they are and where they lurk.

No-one teaches us this stuff.


#4 Gen Up On General Health 

Some conditions can affect fertility. Self-care and conventional treatments help. Some are well known. Like PCOS, sperm issues, Endometriosis.

Other are not. Thyroid issues. Low iron. Hormone imbalances.

You may have a condition and not even know yet.  One that’s unrelated to baby-making. But it could STILL be affecting fertility.


No-one teaches us this stuff.


#5 Relax and Rejuvenate

Modern life is mad. Fact. There’s pressure, stress, plate-spinning, multi-tasking, juggling balls.

That can affect our hormone balance, energy levels  and sex drive and therefore fertility.

The stress of not falling pregnant as quickly as you want, can add to stress and worry.

You know it.  But reducing stress is easier said than done, sometimes.

No-one teaches us this stuff.


#6 Learn About When To Make Love 

If you’ve been trying for a while, maybe you want to think about fertility awareness – knowing the natural signs of fertility. Temperature. Mucus. Cervix position. And how to check them PROPERLY.

So you can see if you’re ovulating or not. And you can time sex …if you choose.

The info out there is littered with myth and misunderstanding.

No-one teaches us this stuff.

It’s why I wrote the mini course Ovulation For Pregnancy. A myth buster.


#7 Know When and What To Test 

If you’ve been trying a couple of years and you’re a woman under 35, it’s time to think tests.

Or you’re over 35 and have been trying for 6 months, it’s time to think tests.

If you suspect a condition that might make it tough for you, ask for tests.

But what tests? When? What to ask for? What should you look for when you get results? Which questions should you ask?

No-one teaches us this stuff.


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