It takes two to tango. Two to make a baby. A healthy egg and a strong, vibrant sperm.   Male fertility is just as important to the baby of your dreams as female fertility.

It’s often women who approach me for guidance on boosting fertility. And that’s dandy. Super dandy, in fact.  It’s my mission to spread the word and to help.

But I always suggest that their partner gets on board with the programme. Even when he doesn’t have “a problem” and any sperm tests results are in “normal” range. I see test results that may be normal, but they are not fantastic.  Let’s aim for Grade A sperm and not just scrape through with a C, eh?

Because a baby is the product of sperm and egg. The health of todays sperm and egg are strongly influenced by what we ate, drank, breathed in, stressed about and did about 4 months ago. And a baby’s health is based upon the health of the sperm and egg that made them.

This blog is for you guys. To supercharge sperm. Jazz up your …. well, you know what I mean.


#1 Banish Booze

Basically, the more you drink, the worse it is.

Booze also bombs testosterone levels, which can tank sex drive.  Not what you want when you’re baby-making.  So it’s best to give it up for at least 4 months to get baby-fit and baby-ready.


#2 Quit Smoking

Smoking harms sperm.

It reduces sperm count, motility (movement), and morphology (shape).

And again, the more you smoke, the worse it is.

Don’t forget the second-hand smoking shizzle – men smoking around their partner are increasing their partner’s risk of fertility issues too.

You need to find support to quit, guys.


#3 Check Out Medical Conditions

This might sound obvious.  Certain medical conditions affect male fertility.

Some are better known – genito-urinary infections, varicocele, inflamed prostate…  But there are also a whole host of other conditions that might impact fertility like thyroid issues, diabetes, anaemia… to name but a few.

Basically, if you have a diagnosed condition, speak with your doctor to ask if it’s likely to impact fertility.

If you have any odd signs and symptoms that you haven’t had checked out. Do it before you start trying for a baby.  You may have undiagnosed conditions, allergies or whatever which need to be addressed to boost chances of conception.


#4 Prescribed and Over The Counter Meds

Yup, some prescribed meds and even some over-the-counter ones affect male fertility.

As an example, some antihistamines affect sperm quality and quantity.  Long term antibiotic use can affect it. Aspirin has been shown to harm sperm motility. Certain antidepressants impact male fertility. Some beta blockers and psychotropic meds can lead to impotence.

Check out whether your meds or over-the-counter med choices can harm fertility. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist to find out all the known risks and side effects before you start on the baby dancing.


#5 Street Drugs

Street drugs harm health and they harm fertility.

Cannabis can lower male hormones needed to produce sperm. Yikes.

Cocaine can lower sperm count, can cause sperm to be poor swimmers and can lead to higher rates of abnormal sperm.

Herion messes up testosterone levels.

Just say no. Get help to quit. ‘Nuff said.


#6 Moobs and Beer Belly

If you have Man Boobs (moobs) or a beer belly or any other weight issues, tackle it before you start on the path to parenthood.

Yes, weight can impact a man’s ability to father kids.  Sperm quality decreases the bigger your waist size and higher BMI, some studies show.

And if you’re making poor food choices, it’s likely you’re low in the nutrients needed to supercharge sperm like zinc, selenium and essential fatty acids as well as a range of vitamins.  And pre natal supplements won’t totally compensate for a fertility UNfriendly lifestyle.

Start with healthy habits before you’re a Dad and you’ll be able to cope with the wonderful but exhausting first few weeks, months and years of parenthood. You’ll be able to run and play games with the best of ’em. AND you’re setting up healthy habits for you new family.


#7 Overheating In The Pants Department.

Not because you’re hot stuff, although I’m sure you are.

I mean, don’t let your testicles get overheated.  It can harm sperm production.

🌟So no super-tight, budgie-smuggling pants.

🌟Don’t have your laptop on your lap or your phone in your pocket.

🌟No blistering hot baths or saunas.

🌟Stop sitting down for long, long periods letting your junk get hot and sweaty.

🌟Avoid cycling for marathon sessions.


#8  Environmental Toxins

Toxic chemicals can cause health issues, hormone issues and fertility issues. For men and women.

These toxins are everywhere.

They include bug killers, weed killers, heavy metals like lead.

They can lurk in your personal care products.  Hide in your cleaning cupboards. And even in the packaging, wrap and pans in your kitchen. As an example, there are hormone disrupting chemicals in most plastic bottles.

Detox your world as much as possible.


#9 Jobs That Affect Junk

Following from the other points , you can see that some jobs are much more risky to health and fertility than others. I’m not saying quit your job, unless you want to and you can, of course. It’s about minimising risk and taking steps to get as healthy as you can to make a healthy, happy baby.

Drivers can spend lots of time sitting and driving, risking hot and sweaty pants which can lower sperm count and increase levels of abnormal sperm.  So take breaks. And don’t wear tight clothes.

Some jobs expose guys to toxic chemicals – factory work, painting and decorating, farming, manufacturing and loads more  – so take all the safety precautions possible.

Think about any risk your job presents to fertility and take steps to reduce those risks.


#10  Stress

Stress can be work related too, but not always.

And stress affects sex drive and fertility. Stress in men affects hormone balance and sperm production. Some studies show it leads to higher numbers of abnormal sperm and poor sperm quality.

It can be tough to remove sources of stress quickly e.g. if it’ your job it’s not always possible to quit overnight.  If you can’t remove the sources, it’s important to find stress reduction techniques that work for you.

As examples, try meditation, yoga or tai chi.  Get a massage often. Take regular, gentle exercise. Breathe more deeply.


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