It’s been one of those weeks. A LOT of women I know have been talking about wanting to sleep better … a few nights of poor sleep, insomnia or something keeping them awake. *frowny face*

And not just my Hormonal Hotties who suffer nasty night sweats

So, I’ve put together my very best list of top tips to sleep better. ¬†Do give them a go. Here they are:-


#1 Eat for sleep – try to eat at least 3 hours before bed and don’t eat heavy, rich foods before bed. A high protein snack can be good before going to sleep, especially if it contains magnesium. I like warm drinks made with home-made almond milk.

#2 Avoid alcohol. You might think a nightcap will help you nod off, but it actually disrupts your sleep patterns. Put the Merlot down if you want to sleep better.

#3. Avoid caffeine as well. If you choose to drink coffee, have it in the morning to avoid sleeplessness. AND getting up for a pee, because it’s a bladder irritant.

#4. Figure out your own bedtime’s not just for kids! It doesn’t have to be bath, snack, bed…it can be whatever works for you as long as it’s relaxing.

#5. Make sure the room is dark. Have no light is coming in from outside through your curtains or blinds. Don’t leave the lights on or have electronic clocks beaming in your face. Seeing what time it actually is can make insomniacs even more anxious.

#6. Avoid watching TV, surfing online, working at your computer or playing on game consoles before bed – it disrupts your natural sleep-wake rhythms. And disturbing TV or movies might keep you awake anyway.

#7. Avoid having deep discussions or arguments before bed if you know you’ll be so hyped up you won’t be able to sleep.

#8. Take regular, gentle exercise to improve your sleep patterns and quality. Don’t do anything really demanding exercise before sleep or you might find it tough to drop off. Relaxing exercises like some yoga poses might actually help you get to sleep.

#9. Keep the room cool, especially if you suffer night sweats. You can try to stay cool with cotton nightwear and a cool flannel by the bedside.

#10. Buy the comfiest mattress and nicest bedding you can afford. A nice mattress is a real help and bedding made from natural fibres can reduce any night sweats.

#11. Calm busy brain. If your day or what you have to do tomorrow is whirring round your head and preventing sleep, find ways to “park it”. Try to do something relaxing in your bedtime routine or write things down to look at tomorrow.

#12. Be wary of taking sleeping pills. Over time they can deplete you of nutrients, they can be habit forming and they can start being less effective anyway. Do your homework before you choose to take them.


I hope that helps you sleep better.  Zzzzzzzzz.