Do you sometimes look like you’re hiding an inflatable up your jumper?   Forget the phrase “muffin top” – yours looks like a 3 tier wedding cake!

Suffer bloating?

That uncomfortable and embarrassing problem where your tummy swells to a MASSIVE size?

It can be fluid retention. It can be digestive problems, like windypops or constipation.

Whatever the cause, it sucks.

Let’s look at common symptoms and ways to beat bloating.


Common Symptoms

Common symptoms include:-

  • Your clothes become tight
  • Your tummy feels rock hard (or it can still feel soft)
  • You’re constipated.
  • You get gurgling, rumbling, belching and gas.   It can be so loud, it’s cringe-worthy.
  • Other parts of your body are also swollen – ankles, feet etc.  And usually pre-period. That’s often due to fluid retention.

If that sounds all too familiar, what can you do to beat bloating?


Conventional Ways to Beat Bloating

Your Doctor will give different advice depending on the cause.

And do see your Doctor if you suffer regular bloating.  In rare cases, it’s a  sign of a more serious problem, so don’t be a doctor dodger.

If the issue is pre-period water retention, a doctor might suggest reducing salt intake.  Or even prescribe diuretic drugs i.e. they eliminate fluid.

If bloating is caused by digestive problems, they’ll advise you on keeping your poop mechanism in tip top condition.


5 Natural Ways To Beat Bloating

Remove Wheat Products From Your Diet

Wheat is difficult to digest even if you’re not allergic to wheat i.e. suffer coeliac disease.  It can cause bloating.

Try removing wheat and wheat products from your diet for 4 weeks and see if that makes a difference.  Replace wheat with brown rice and other grains like quinoa and buckwheat.

For diet advice for a diagnosed condition, see a dietician or nutritional therapist.  I follow The Digestion Detective for free guidance on digestion and bloating.

Regulate Salt Intake

If your issue is fluid retention, review your salt intake.

Some women in my clinic get pre-period cravings for crisps, nuts and other salty snacks.  These can make the issue worse.  Eat plenty of leafy green veggies to boost potassium and balance out sodium.

Be aware of hidden sodium like monosodium glutamate in Chinese dishes and takeaways.

Drink Water

Drinking plain, filtered or spring water can help reduce bloating and improve tummy transit.   Avoid fizzy water as it can make you even windier.

Take Regular Gentle Exercise

If bloating is caused by sluggish digestion, regular, gentle exercise can help. Try walking or yoga and pilates can help relieve bloating and wind.

Try Complementary Therapies

Choose something that you will enjoy to support you to beat bloating.  In my own clinic, I use homeopathy, Tissue Salts and herbal tinctures to support clients with minor digestive trouble or water retention.  As well as recommending a healthy and hormone friendly diet.


If you give any of these a go, let me know how you get on trying to beat bloating.