If I had a Pound/Euro/Dollar for every time I heard a woman say…

“I’m far too young to worry about THAT” or

“I’ve got A-G-E-S yet” …

I’d be a very wealthy woman.   Actually, I’d be buried alive under a massive mountain of mixed currency and no use to anyone.  But I would be wealthy.

I can’t lie. It’s tough for me to eyeball a fresh and fabulous 20-something girl or a beautiful and busy 30-something woman and convince them that prevention is better than cure.   That they need to work at hormone harmony. It’s a hard sell.

And it’s a hard sell whether those women want children or not.  Bombarded with messages about unwanted pregnancy, I see how women are scared into thinking that pregnancy is easy.   That they had better get pilled-up or implanted because  just looking at a fella can get you up knocked up.   Try telling that to the approximately 1 in 6 couples who have difficulty conceiving.

And teaching the same vibrant 30s women that taking care of hormone health now will make the dreaded M word (menopause) easier, often falls on deaf ears.


The Truth About Hormone Harmony

The truth is, women’s hormones can start changing anywhere from thirties to late forties.   Sure, signs increase with age. The closer you get to late 40s and early 50s the more likely you are to have pre-menopause and menopause symptoms.

But when and how those hormones start changing depends on a whole host of factors – some of which you CAN control.


Some Factors That Influence Hormone Harmony

  • Your genes – and you can’t do too much about that
  • What age you started periods
  • Whether you have been pregnant and how many times you’ve given birth
  • Your parent’s lifestyle.  YES. You are what your parents ate and did when you were a mere twinkle in their eyes.
  • Your own lifestyle – diet.  Social choices like drugs, alcohol and smoking.  Stress.  Exercise. Weight management. Sleep.
  • Illnesses and conditions that affect hormones balance – an imbalance in one hormones can cause a chain reaction on other hormones.
  • Your environment – pollution, cleaning products, cosmetics and much more.

See?  You can control some of those things.


Some Signs Of Hormone Disharmony

Are you accepting as “normal” or just “one of this things” any of these, as the years roll by?

  • Adult onset acne
  • Changes to sex drive
  • Allergies
  • Sore boobs
  • Water retention
  • Sleeplessness
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular and heavy periods

It could be that your hormones are changing and you are PRE-menopausal. Pre-menopause can last for years and years. That’s not the only cause, of course. Always better to get it checked out by a Doctor.


Prevention For Hormone Harmony

So the earlier you start looking after your delicate and complex hormone system, the better.

It’s never too early to start, but it’s never too late either.

If you’re still planning on having babies, it may make falling pregnant easier, reduce risks in pregnancy and help you have a healthy baby.

If you’re not planning babies, reducing the likelihood of a miserable menopause, has gotta be worth it, right?


I’m a Perimenopausal Princess and although I do have symptoms, I’m sailing this ship quite smoothly –  thanks to good diet, good lifestyle choices and natural therapies.

I much prefer that to the alternatives …. riding the rollercoaster of energy slumps, mood swings and a faulty temperature gauge or taking prescribed drugs when I know that self-care has already helped me.


So, sorry ladies but you’re not too young and you don’t have ages either.   Act NOW for hormone harmony.