Being Stuck Sucks is a guest blog by the super-amazing teacher and coach on practical spirituality – Kate Spencer. Kate is also a highly successful author best known for the Twelve Lessons series.  Must reads!

I’m very grateful to have her write a piece especially for my crowd of wonderful women.

I hope you love it as much as I do.   Don’t stay stuck.



Being Stuck Sucks

Being stuck sucks because when you are stuck, you feel the stuckness in a big way.

Nothing you do gains traction or helps you to change direction. Things feel a bit pointless, and people around you seem to be so sorted and together and happy that it’s beyond irritating. Then you look back at your own life and wonder what happened. This is not what you signed up for, but it’s what you’ve got. And that makes you feel even worse!

The thing is that you are not alone.

Many of us feel this way from time to time, and no one really talks about it. We adopt the attitude of “getting on with it”, even though we crave an entire life upgrade or at the very least a change. And its so hard to see the wood for the proverbial trees because when you feel stuck, the Law of Attraction hears “I AM stuck!”. We know the result, and the irony of course but we just can’t seem to change anything.

I’ve felt this way recently and I have learned some things that might help you.

When you feel stuck it’s no good focusing on your big plan. It’s likely to feel impossible and like pissing in the wind!

Ask yourself instead what you could do today to help yourself to make progress. Pick one thing, or maybe two but definitely no more. Do this every day for a week, and make it something that will inch you out of the place you are in and move you one step closer to awesome. Even if it’s tiny.

Check your self talk. When you feel stuck and fed up you are likely to be beating up on yourself. This will make you feel worse and send more energy to the feeling of stuck. Become aware of your internal dialogue – what are you saying to yourself? And if you are saying things that are sabotaging or unhelpful then think of 3 affirmations that are the opposite and start to use them instead.

Change your state. Get happy – find something on You Tube that is hilarious and make yourself watch it. Suggestions include Simons Cat and Walmart Advert. Get a happy song on You Tube or your ipad and dance and sing. Moving around will change your physiology and you will feel better.

Help someone else. There is nothing like the feeling of gratitude for lifting your spirits and soothing the soul. When we focus on what is good we are telling the universe “My life is filled with great stuff”, and we get sent more experiences that align to this. What can you do today to help someone else? And know that by helping them you are also helping you.

Oh and read Twelve Lessons….just kidding!

I hope this helps and I send you lots of love.

Kate x


Kate Spencer

Practical Spirituality Coach and Author of the life-changing Twelve Lessons book series


Twitter @RealKateSpencer