30s? 40s? Do you bury your head in the sand?

I have a feeling.

A feeling that there an AWFUL lot of fabulous 30 and 40 Somethings out there are IN FEAR.


Fear. Me?

In fear, that their misspent youth is long gone and old age is around the corner. Menopause. Nice cup of tea. Incontinence pants. The Woman’s Weekly.   Wow, that’ll be some party, eh?

That’s there’s a huge and horrible hole after our fun and funky 20s and early 30s where we are dragged, kicking and screaming into the wilderness years of – God Forbid – our 50s and beyond.

Some are in fear that their body is changing. And there might be something really wrong with them.

BUT they don’t want to talk about their periods of biblical flood proportions. Not to their partner, Mum or friends. And the doctor didn’t help that much. They bury their head in the sand.

Or what about the monumental mood swings and chronic PMS.

And the food cravings…we keep schtum about snarfing our body weight in Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Let’s not mention the breakouts of big old zits.

Or the glow/perspiration/Sweaty Betty moments.

Gloss over the ever-expanding waist that no diet seems to touch.

They fear that they are no longer so attractive.  Not that their sex drive is firing on all cylinders anyway.

Or that they’re becoming like their mother/grandmother/Aunt Maureen and they don’t like it. Worse still they feel like they’re becoming some raddled old hag. You’re so NOT.

Well, let’s reassure you 30 and 40 somethings  … let’s have some truth bombs.


Truth Bombs

#1 You’re not old, until you think old and behave old.  There are some pretty old 20 year old and some very young 70 year olds.   There’s more to age than the date on your birth certificate.

#2 You are still attractive. To your partner. To prospective new partners.  Other people aren’t looking at you and snickering or rolling their eyes – that’s all in our own heads. Trust me.  Being comfortable in your own skin, not giving a shizzle and smiling are very attractive.

#3 You’re probably not menopausal in your 30s and 40s (although some women experience menopause earlier than late 40s/early 50s).  Menopause is when your periods have stopped for a year or more.

#4 Menopause needn’t be that bad anyway. It’s certainly not all about crumbling bones, crimpolene and crochet.  I’m menopausal – no crimpolene, hip replacement or yarn here. And my face doesn’t look like the road map of Great Britain yet at 49.

#5 Changes DO start happening in your mid to late 30s and 40s. It’s often called pre menopause or perimenopause.   I call it your 30s and 40s! It’s NOT menopause. No-one tells you about this. Sometimes signs sneak up on you, sometimes they smack you straight between the eyes.

Do NOT ignore these signs. Do not bury your head in the sand. Whether  you still want babies or not.

Deal with it now and you’ll feel better and look better. AND much more likely to have an easier time when menopause comes along. Menopause will be the next rites of passage, instead of an “illness to be cured”.


Changes in Your 30s and 40s

So what signs was symptoms might you see, hot and happening 30s and 40s?

Here’s some common ones…

  • Weight gain, even if you’re eating the same and exercising the same.
  • PMS with sore, lumpy breasts.
  • Irregular periods and heavy periods.
  • Lower sex drive.
  • Dry hair and skin or skin breakouts.
  • Mood changes – especially becoming more irritable and mardy. OR brain fog and forgetful. OR low and depressed.
  • Low energy.
  • Changes to body temperature.
  • Hormone related issues like fibroids, endometriosis.


And hormone imbalance can be at the root of these – although not aways. Get your doctor’s opinion and some tests. And then decide what to do.


I Recognise That List…

First of all don’t panic. No more head burying. Reassure yourself with a trip to the doctors.

If they recommends medications or procedures, think long and hard.

I’m not saying don’t ever take them or have procedures – that’s not my job or place.

But get info from different sources on the benefits, risks, side effects, what affect they have on you nutrition status (drugs rob nutrients), how long you need to take them, the alternatives and self help.  Weigh it all up for yourself. Then decide.


Self Help is where I come in.  I teach women how to eat, live and how to care for themselves naturally. And I practice a few complementary therapies too. And it can make a MAHOOSIVE difference. Trust me.


So 30s and 40s women, do not be afraid. But don’t bury your head in the sand either.