Without making this blog about ME (it ISN’T), I wanted to tell you a bit about who my biz serves.

You see, most – not all – of my clients are 30s, 40s and early 50s women and they’re all suffering hormone disharmony.  I call that hormone-y. It’s not an insult. I’m hormone-y myself.

Whilst many clients have similar symptoms and I often work in similar ways, they naturally fall into two gorgeous groups.

Those who don’t want any (more) children.  They are trying to calm hormone havoc or protect their hormone health, as they get even more fabulous and mature.

Those who do want children and would like fertility support..  They are trying to protect and boost fertility, as well as protecting general hormone health.

So why am I telling you this?


Fertility Support Is Much Needed

I’m telling you the because until recently I haven’t been best serving both gorgeous groups.

My blog has been packed with great articles for general hormone health and women’s health.

My social media has more posts about hormone health than fertility support.  Yes Facebook.  And YOU too Twitter.  You don’t get away Scot Free Google.  Stop lurking in the corner Pinterest.

And I also had some feedback. It was a gift. Thank you.

Feedback that you like my stuff but a path to parenthood is private and people don’t alway want to post about it in comments on a blog or on my Facebook page. But you do need information and to ask questions and to hang out and share and learn …

And I listened. I face-palmed myself.

BUT I took action.


Footsteps to Fertility – My Fertility Support Group

It’s a place for anyone planning to have a baby.

It’s a private, closed Facebook Group.   It’s FREE.

You might be struggling to fall pregnant and trying naturally. You could be struggling and choosing IVF or other treatments. Maybe you just started trying and want some guidance. Even just started to think about trying and want to know how to get baby-fit first.

You share a common goal. You are all very welcome.

At Footsteps To Fertility, you can ask questions, share your own experiences and give help and encouragement on the path to parenthood.

There will also be some posts, tips and links by me.  I’ll share any of my classes and other stuff that you might choose to help you.

There will be fertility support, guidance, encouragement and understanding. This is your place to hang out.

So there you have it, Footsteps to Fertility, a safe fertility support group for anyone planning a baby right now or in the future.

I hope to see many of you there.

And please SHARE this blog with anyone who might be planning a baby.

If you like the group, you’ll LURVE my FREE online programme called 7 Steps To Boost Fertility. 

It covers ALL the basic you need to know to boost fertility.

It’s for you whether you’ve pee’ed on a gazillion sticks already or you’re just starting to get your head around getting baby fit. Or planning IVF.

It’s super easy to access from the link I’ll send you.  It’s simple to use in the online classroom, where no-one else can see you. Watch the videos at home or listen on your headphones – totes private.