Totally Hot in Bed?

Well ARE you?

I don’t mean are you a Sexy Siren or Saucy Seductress. NO.  That’s so not what I mean.

I mean, do you feel really hot at night?  Do you get all icky and sticky? Throw off the covers or shove your feet out of the bed? Your sleep is broken by being too bloomin’ hot?  Which means feeling tired and terrible the next day, and the next …

Some women naturally have a higher body temperature.

Some women suffer night sweats during perimenopause and menopause.

Some women notice they’re sweatier in pregnancy – related to hormone changes.

Some women feel hotter in bed just before their period, when progesterone drops.

Some women might feel hot at night occasionally: often there’s a trigger, like drinking alcohol or coming down with a cold.

If you’re a PeriMenopausal Princess there are ways to reduce hot flushes and night sweats.  For those who aren’t at that life stage, look at other possible causes.

But whatever the reasons behind night sweats, there are some self-care steps for a better – and cooler- night’s rest.

6 Tips To Stay Cool and Help Manage Night Sweats

1. Cool down the room.

Switch off or turn down the heating. Open a window and the door. Obvs.

2. Cool down the bed.

Keep it clean: this is a family show! I mean switch to a lighter duvet or remove some layers of blankets. Choose natural fibres like cotton for your bedding.

3. Stay cool

If you like to bathe, shower or wash before bed, try having a cool one. A hot bath before bed might be lush, but it won’t help the nasty night sweats.

4. Don’t lose your cool 

Stress and emotional upsets boosts adrenaline which can lead to sweating.  Reduce the sources of stress in your life.  Learn which coping techniques work for you – I love yoga, journaling, walking in the countryside, pamper time, talking things through…

5. Dress cool

Wear thin night clothes in natural fibres, like cotton. Or wear your *ahem* “birthday suit” ?

6. Think cool drinks

Stay hydrated with cool filtered or spring water.  Not too much – you don’t want sleep broken by loads of trips to the loo! Avoid hot drinks and alcohol before bed.


So there you have it.  Whatever the reason for your night sweats, 6 easy steps to help keep cool for a better night’s rest.

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