Why should I give my liver love, some of you might ask?

Your liver is this amazing system that filters all the stuff we put into our bodies. Stuff that we eat, drink, breathe in or absorb through our skin.

Yep everything we take in gets into our blood, is processed by the liver.   It gets rid of all the toxins, nasties and other unwanted stuff.

Keeping that bad boy in shape is really important to health, metabolism AND our hormones. And we know that hormone imbalances can lead to yucky symptoms and awful conditions.

So give your liver love.

What Exactly Does The Liver DO?

I’m glad you asked 😉

Here’s what it does in a nutshell :-

  • Converts food to energy and nutrients.
  • Stores sugars as energy to be used later.
  • Breaks down drugs and alcohol.
  • Removes nasty chemicals, bacteria and more.
  • Stores vitamins and minerals including iron.
  • Helps maintain fluid balance.
  • Helps create bile. Bile breaks down fats and gets rid of toxins that are fat-soluble.  It also helps get rid of excess hormones.
  • Supports production of testosterone and oestrogen hormones.
  • Balances sex hormones.
  • Filters blood and regulates blood clotting.
  • Supports immune health.

Wowsers.  It’s a brilliant “machine”.

You should really give your liver love.  Take in goodness to keep it healthy.  Help it’s workload by reducing toxins in your life.

Liver Harmers

We all know that too much alcohol puts a strain on our liver.  Well, here’s a short list of  liver harmers :-

  • Alcohol (tick!)
  • Drugs – prescribed, over the counter and recreational.
  • Processed foods
  • Chemicals and toxins from food additives, preservatives, pesticides, plastics, new furniture/paints/carpets, cleaning produces, self-care products and more.
  • Excess hormones.

Who knew? Not just the booze, huh?

How To Give Your Liver Love

Never fear, here are some top tips for reducing the strain on your overworked liver :-

  • Avoid eating too much, especially fatty or processed foods.
  • Eat a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet, including plenty of veggies and fruits.
  • Reduce or avoid alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of filtered water and herbal teas to help flush out those toxins. Dandelion and peppermint tea are believed to support the liver.
  • Reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals in pesticides, herbicides, pet care products, cleaning products and toiletries and cosmetics.  If you work with chemicals take extra care.
  • Review your medications.  Discuss liver health with your doctor if you’re taking prescribed meds.  If you’re taking over-the-counter or recreational drugs, consider your choices.

If you think you need even more help:-

  • Check that herbs are suitable for you.  My suggestion is a good quality Milk Thistle Tincture or tablets. I can’t stress enough, make sure it’s safe for you to take first. Or see a qualified medical herbalist.
  • There are lots of  medicines that homeopaths believe support liver love and health. Some of my VIP clients choose homeopathy to help reach their health goals. See a qualified homeopath to discuss your symptoms and situation.

Do you know THE most amazing fact about livers?

It’s that they can heal and repair themselves.  So go on, love your liver back to tippety top shape starting TODAY.

Your health, hormones, metabolism and immune system will love YOU for it.