Menopause mood swings. Hands up if this is you?

Menopause Moody Mare.  You can go from quiet to riot in under 30 seconds?

If you’re not sure, ask a friend or relative? Or ask your partner, if they dare speak out. *winks*

I’m joking, but it’s often no laughing matter. I know, I have been a bit of a Mardy Bum myself occasionally. Hard to believe, I know.


Menopause Mood Swings, Menopause Hormone Swings

Menopause is all about changing hormone levels. Levels of oestrogen decline, generally. Yada yada yada.

Changeable hormones equals changeable moods.  Which kinda sucks.

Even even-tempered women can get emotional swings from teary to leery, from angsty to angry and from lover to “run for cover”.  It’s a pretty common menopause symptom too.

Clever scientists think it’s all to do with the decline in oestrogen and and it’s affect on The Feel Good Hormone, serotonin.  They believe that when oestrogen rises and falls, serotonin somehow goes up and down with it.

The good news – if there is any – is that when our hormones settle down after menopause, so will moods. Phew.


Menopause Mood Swings – The Double Whammy

I’d like to throw in other possible reasons for menopause mood swings.

Blood sugar imbalance, for starters.

Yes, if you’re riding the rollercoaster of blood sugar, you’re pretty likely to be riding the energy rollercoaster. AND the mood rollercoaster. That’s some terrible theme park.

Plus, if you’re not sleeping well, due to night sweats or stress, then your tiredness might make you tetchy.


So if you’re not up for HRT or antidepressants, what can you do to manage the signs and symptoms naturally. Read on …


#1 I sound like a broken record! Eat a hormone friendly diet and make sure you’re balancing blood sugars by eating little and often and choosing good quality protein with each meal and snack.  This will stabilise blood sugar, energy and mood – don’t snarf carbs and sugar or drink coffee to wake you up!   And don’t comfort eat – its no comfort when your clothes don’t fit and your health suffers.


#2 Look at supplements.  I’m a great believer in individualised programmes based on hair testing. But if you want to know which supplements are good generally for menopause mood swings, look at Omega 3 fatty acids (for brain health), Magnesium (a natural calmer and pain reliever) and Vitamin B Complex (for the nervous system).  Buy the very best you can afford to avoid cheap fillers and ingredients your body can’t absorb easily.

Check with your doctor before starting any supplement programme.


#3 Drink plenty of filtered water. Dehydration is a strange thing and can affect how we feel and think. Keep yourself well topped up.


#4 Move your butt. Exercise releases chemicals that help improve our mood. No need to join the gym unless you want to. Walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, dancing, gardening and much more, can really help.


#5 If you choose herbs, be careful and check they are suited to you and your circumstances. St Johns Wort is popular, but interferes with the contraceptive pill and other hormonal contraceptives. Valerian is also indicated for mood swings. And, of course, Agnus Castus is used for female balancing. Personally, I make up a gentle combination to my private clients, which contains a number of hormone and mood balancing herbs.


#6 Think essential oils. Clary Sage and Geranium are good for balancing out moods. Add a few drops of each to your bath or burn in a burner. Rose, Chamomile, Lavender and Bergamot are good for uplifting.   If you use oils for massage, use a carrier oil to dilute them to make them safe to use.


#7 Consider holistic therapies to support you through menopause, like homeopathy or acupuncture. Therapies like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a.k.a. tapping can help influence moods and behaviours.  I know a fab one.  Always find a registered and insured therapist.


If you’re suffering menopause mood swings, try making some changes and see what difference you can make naturally. You’ll have the added benefit of balancing hormones and improving overall health too.

What’s not to like?