In my life I have had many truth bomb moments.

Some have been about health. Some about life. Some about happiness.

AND I remember one biggie.  Tthe moment of truth when I decided to get my sorry ass into gear.

The moment of truth when I decided to change.  For the better.


Happy Holidays?

Rewind to Summer 2008.  Mr P and our year old Labradoodle – Django – go to Northumberland for a cottage holiday. To catch up with my ‘rents and my bro and his family.

There’s sun, sea and sand.  The sun does shine in the North East, honest. And the beaches are peachy.

There’s real ale, fish and chips and ice cream.

There’s fun, love and laughter.

Then there’s the holiday photos, of course. Capturing lovely moments. Like Django rolling in a dead fish.  Mr P making a chip buttie as big as his head.  And me walking on the beach.


Moment of truth.


THE Moment of Truth

In the photos….

There’s my bloated face, belly overhang and fat bottom.

There’s my straw hair, eye bags and spotty chin.

And that’s what you can SEE.


What you can’t see is the creaking joints, rumbling tum and neck pain.

The haywire hormones, fibroids and period problems.

The tiredness. The stress. The burning my candle at both ends.


EVEN after having left my full time job about 9 months before. To finish my anatomy and physiology and homeopathy courses without having a  breakdown. To protect our home life and my health.

Well my home life was better – with one person at home more, life was easier for both of us.

But my health?

I had an osteopath for the joints and neck.

My own homeopath was very helpful.

A nutritional therapist was trying to sort out my digestive issues.

The moment of truth?

What was I DOING?

Answer: not enough. Not enough self-help. Not enough self-care. I wasn’t taking responsibility. I wasn’t owning my own shizzle (one of my fave sayings now).


Owning My Own Shizzle

THAT was the moment of truth when I started owning it.  Surely, a busy job hadn’t helped my health?  Was it in the genes?  What more should my doctor be doing?

BUT really who or what was to blame?

Nothing? No-one? Me? I had choices. I still have. We all do.

So I started making different choices.

And I learned much more about health and hormones and natural therapies.

I still had help from my super support team. I needed that and still do.  No man is an island and this gal isn’t one either.  People guide me, support me, challenge, heal me, help me.

But it started with me.  It always starts with yourself, I think.


Fast Forward

Years later and life has changed. I changed. I CHANGED ME. 

Through better diet. Good lifestyle choices. Avoiding toxins. Reducing stress. Changing my outlook.

Living a healthy, hormone-friendly life at leasts 80% of the time. Heck, no-one wants sackcloth and ashes and never eating cake again, right?

All this is the stuff I made it my mission to teach to other women.

I never pretended I’m a Goddess – body beautiful, brimming with health and vitality all the time. No, I’m a pretty darned healthy 50 plus who weighs over 2.5 stones less than I did, who eats well, looks after myself and navigates through menopause as best I can.  I look and feel better than I did all those years ago, despite being menopausal. I kid you not.

AND I know a canny thing or two about hormones.


Is This YOUR Moment of Truth?

So, I’m wondering when is your moment of truth? What will trigger it? How will you start making changes? Who will help YOU?

If you want that Cheerleader and Wellbeing Fairy Godmother to be me, let me know.

I’ve been there. Seen it. Done that. Got the t shirt.