“Christmas time, mistletoe and wine”

NO Sir Cliff, it doesn’t have to be about the wine. Or any alcohol.

If you’re reducing or avoiding alcohol this holidays, read on.

Maybe you’d like to make a winter warming drink that’s just a teensy bit special, so deffo try this.

You could even serve it to older kids?

Perfect if you’re pregnant and want it to join in when others are having mulled wine.

Menopausal ladies beware if spices are a trigger for hot flushes, though.

It’s Mulled Apple Juice.

I guarantee that if you make this you’ll win Brownie Points for being a proper Nigella. AND your home will also smell divine – like a German Christmas Market.  What could be better than that?

AND you can polish your halo and wake up without a hideous hangover.

Serves 4 people

Ingredients for Mulled Apple Juice

1 litre fresh or good quality apple juice.  I juice my own eating apples in my super Froothie Juicer.

1 cinnamon stick

Slivers of peel from an orange and a lemon  (no nasty pith please)

A small squeeze fresh orange and lemon juice

6 cloves

2 slightly crushed cardamon pods

Squeeze honey to taste (optional)

Method for Mulled Apple Juice

  1. Mix ingredients in a pan.
  2. Heat until warm – do not allow to boil.
  3. Strain out the cinnamon, cardamon and cloves
  4. Serve in glasses like mulled wine.


Use mulled wine spice bags instead of cinnamon and cloves.  Simples.  Remove before serving.  Nothing worse than chowing down on a spicy “teabag”.

Fancy It Up

Serve your Mulled Apple Juice with a tiny sprinkling of fresh nutmeg on top.  Or a half cinnamon stick in the glass. Unleash your inner Kirstie Allsop!

Top Tip

If you’re worried about serving hot liquid in glasses, put a cold teaspoon in each glass before you pour. Not a lot people know that.