Period pain.  No laughing matter.  And painful periods can happen in puberty, pre-menopause and ANY other time. Most women who get pain have it just before and as the flow starts. Others can be crippled with pain throughout the whole period.

Really, no laughing matter.   It can take over your life for those few days each month. And affect your ability to do normal things, like go to work.


Common Symptoms of Period Pain

It’s not just the gut wrenching, cramping pain, Oh no.

It’s the diarrhoea.

And the sickness and vomitting.

Hot and clammy feelings.

Don’t even start about the headaches.

Or the dizziness.

And the feelings of being physically drained.


Conventional Treatment for Period Pain

It’s usually painkillers to relax muscles.  I’ve often seen clients who have been prescribed the contraceptive pill.

But not every woman wants drug therapy or they want to help relieve the pain by themselves. So, what else can you do to help yourself?


Self-Help For Period Pain

TENS Machine

This is drug free way of dealing with pain.   You apply pads to the painful site and the machine works by low level electrical stimulation to block or reduce pain.  Pain messages are slowed or blocked to the brain.

Ditch Caffeine

Yes, the coffee, tea, cola AND chocolate.

Caffeine worsens muscle tension and pain sensitivity.  You have been warned 😉

Get Moving

Get your heart, circulation and breathing going through exercise. Aerobic exercise releases feel good chemicals which support pain relief and make us feel calmer and more positive.   Even a pretty brisk walk could help.

Warm Yourself

Soak yourself in warm water in the bath.  You can add a few drops of lavender and chamomile essential oils as they are relaxing. Or apply a warm water bottle or heat pad to your abdomen or back to help soothe pain.

Try Herbal Tea

A blend of chamomile and lemon balm or lemon verbena soothes stress and may help relax tense muscles.

Visit A Complementary Therapist

In my clinic, I use a combination of diet and lifestyle measures, homeopathy and herbal tinctures to support women with painful periods.

TOP TIP – I often suggest the Tissue Salt called “Mag Phos” which aims to relax muscles. You can check that out here.  Start with a 4g dispenser of 6x potency and take 3 pills 3-4 times daily during period pain.