Today, I’m talking about another pretty tough subject.

It’s sexual health.  You know the infections “down below” you need to get checked out at one of those clinics.  Let’s call them GUIs (genito-urinary infections) rather than STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). You’ll see why.

And it IS tough subject. One I raise with all my baby-making couples.

And I often watch their faces drain of colour. Because they think I’ve assumed something about them or at least one of them.

I HAVEN’T! Honestly.

People often skip this step when they’re planning a baby, because they’re in a committed, long-term relationship. AND have no symptoms of a problem.

I want to bust a few myths and let you see that it’s a good idea to get checked out before making a baby, even if you’ve only ever had sex with one another and are totally faithful.

Let’s start with the “face draining” issue ….

Sexual Health – Not All Infections Are Sexually Transmitted


Does that make you feel better about yourself and your partner?

It’s totally true.

Not ALL GUIs are caught through sex. Some are bowel bugs.  They can travel and cause infection elsewhere.

AND any infection of the urinary tract or prostate that a guy has OR had in the past can cause damage and affect fertility right now.  Like mumps, for example.  Yes, past infections can be troubling you now.

So, it’s good to get checked out even if you’ve only ever had sex with one another.


Sexual Health –  You Might Have An Infection And Never Know

Yup. Some infections can be symptom-less or symptoms might be at such a low level you don’t even notice or worry about it.  Not all infections are easy to spot, because you may show no obvious symptoms.

Only a test by a doctor or nurse might show them up.

Please get checked, everyone.

But especially if you’re struggling to fall pregnant or have a history of miscarriage.


Sexual Health – Infections Can Cause Fertility Problems

GUIs can can be bad for you, your ability to get pregnant AND your future baby.

Infections like chlamydia can cause blocked fallopian tubes and lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) too. Both of these can lead to issues trying to get pregnant.

Untreated GUIs can even affect your future baby’s health if they are born naturally (not c section), as they pass through the birth canal.


Sexual Health – Some Symptoms Of Infections

Symptoms of GUIs can include:-

  • Irritation and itching down below
  • Burning on pee-ing
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Pain on sex
  • Pain in the lower tummy area
  • Discharges that are out of the ordinary
  • Tiredness
  • Lumps, warts and ulcers on your genitals
  • Swollen and painful testicles.


So don’t be shy, get yourselves checked out, before trying to get pregnant or if you are having trouble conceiving. There are free sexual health clinics in most towns and cities or talk to your Doctor.

They are used to talking about this stuff all the time.  It’s confidential. And they literally have seen it all before.



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