Utter the word “hormones” and someone will giggle. Or roll their eyes.

Maybe make bad a joke about “women’s troubles”.  Or think we must be talking about sex.


There’s so much more to it than that.

We ALL have them- women and men. They influence everything from growth to sleep.  And lots in between. They are key to good health and happiness.

But what actually are they?  What do they do?  And why should you CARE?

Find out right here why hormones are like kids’ toys. And your favourite band!

And learn ways that you can try to keep them in balance.

What Are Hormones?

Let’s have a biology lesson first … not Snoozeville, I promise.

The hormone system is known as the “endocrine system” of the body.  It’s made up of lots of glands.  Glands produce chemicals called hormones. 
Hormones act like messengers in the body.  After being made in one part of the body, they travel to other parts of the body where they help control how stuff works …
… or DOESN’T WORK when hormones go haywire. More of that later.

What Do Hormones Do?

They regulate how we grow and develop. How we burn energy. Sex and baby-making. How we sleep. Our immune system. They influence moods and more.   A LOT of important stuff. 

Right, that’s it.  Lesson over.

Told you it wasn’t totally snoozeville.


Why Hormones Are Like Kids’ Toys

You know those kids’ toys?

The ones with lots of different shaped “holes” with shapes to fit in them?   Shape Sorters. Them.

Hormones are like that.

Hormones are the shapes. Designed to fit specific holes.  If the shape is changed it won’t fit. If a hormone changes slightly, it won’t work properly.

At molecule level, some hormones are very, very similar.  But slight differences can have big impact.

The difference between male and female.

The difference between conception or infertility.

The difference between Tigger and Eeyore.


Why Hormones Are Like Your Favourite Band

It’s not a huge leap from my metaphor of the kids’ toy, the huge difference a tiny change can make and onto your fave band. Honest.

Basically, hormones should work in harmony like your favourite band.

Hormone production, the chemical “message” itself and the transport of hormones ALL need to be in harmony for cells and organs to work properly.

Same as the band.

Each voice and instrument must play the right part, at the right time, in the right way to get the right sound.

Out of whack can make your ears bleed… the band I mean.  Not hormones. Your ears don’t usually bleed with hormone havoc.

Hormone Imbalance

Imbalance in one hormone can spark off a whole heap of problems.

Problems in the balance between hormones.

For example when we’re stressed, we produce high levels of the stress hormone (cortisol).  In turn, that affects the making of the hormone progesterone. Low progesterone can lead to tiredness, depression, sleeplessness, foggy thinking. Plus a raft of physical problems including period problems, migraines, weak bones and trouble getting pregnant,

Some hormones are actually MADE FROM other hormones.  Hormones can be TURNED BACK into other hormones. It depends on the body’s need.

These are complicated relationships. If there’s an imbalance or a hormone is missing, the impact can be big.


Yikes, How Can I Keep Hormones in Balance?

Eat For Nutrition

Vitamins, minerals and enzymes help hormones change into different hormones.  They also help cells carry the hormone’s “message”.

If you’re lacking in certain nutrients, you are risking hormone health.

Eat More Plants

Especially beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils and flaxseeds, as they are hormone balancing.   Read much more about why us girls should love beans right here in this fab blog.

Reduce Stress

Under stress, we pump out cortisol (the stress hormone). Your body makes cortisol from progesterone so your body might make more, but it’s using it for cortisol instead of other important functions. Like your monthly cycle.

The constant pumping of cortisol also stresses your adrenal glands, which might to adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can have similar symptoms to chronic fatigue.

Reduce Your “Toxic Load”

We live in a toxic world and we are toxic beings.  No offence intended there, lovely.

The air we breathe.  The water we drink. We’re surrounded.  Not just outside, but at home…in work…at school.

Any those nasties are health-harming.  Some are hormone harming.

Common sources of hormone harming chemicals are:

  • Cosmetics and toiletries …it’s estimated we’re slathering over 500 chemicals on our gorgeous selves a day.  Yikes.
  • Many plastics – think plastic drinking bottles, food storage ….
  • Cleaning products.  Mmm whats lurking under YOUR sink?
  • Car exhaust fumes.   Bleurgh.
  • Pesticides. Fungicides. Herbicides. Yes, garden stuff.
  • Meat from animals fed hormones to fatten them up.  Buy organic, grass fed.
  • And much more…

Stop using them.  Find better alternatives. If you need help, ask me.

Also check out www.ewg.org. 

Know Your Own Body

Get in tune with your body. Listen to it’s signs and symptoms.

Keeping a diary or journal can help A LOT.  It helps you spot triggers and patterns,. No need to write War and Peace. If you ever work with me, you’ll discover the secrets of the “Symptom Spotter Jotter”.

If there is anything that is unusual or worries you, see your Doctor.


Thanks for” listening” to my harping on about hormones.  With no giggling, eye rolling or smutty jokes.

But you should really give a HOOT, if you’re a wise owl.

If you want to learn more and calm YOUR hormone havoc to get back, join my Facebook Group Hormone Health HQ for The Peri Posse and Meno Mavens.