We’re talking male fertility.

In about half of the couples with fertility issues, the challenge lies with the man.  If it’s true that about 1 in 6 couples have trouble falling pregnant, that’s a lot of guys who want to improve their sperm.


There are different causes of male fertility issues. The most common is that the man’s semen doesn’t have enough “normal” sperm to swim and fertilise the egg.

A semen test is usually the first step to check it out.

It’s good to get a semen test even if the woman has known factors, which might affect her chances of falling pregnant. There could also be semen issues. Even if a guy has other kids, it’s possible his sperm is not as healthy as it could be right now.

AND as with all tests, there are “normal ranges to measure against.  Are your guy’s results near the bottom of that range? If so, maybe there’s still room for improvement?

It’s good to get the best egg and strongest sperm to make the healthiest baby we can.

So today’s top tips are for the men in your life.


6 Health Hints To Boost Male Fertility By Boosting Sperm Health:-


#1 Eat a varied diet rich in healthy organic foods. Avoid additives, pesticides, preservatives and processed foods and the dreaded sugar.


#2 Kick to the curb smoking, alcohol, street drugs and any unnecessary medications. Speak to your doctor about these for support and guidance.


#3 Check your reproductive health. Visit a Genito-Urinary Health clinic for a health check up. If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while ask your GP for a sperm analysis test.


#4 If you suspect allergies or digestive problems, get them checked out. These can affect your nutritional status and you need good nutrition to make a healthy baby…which leads me to…


#5 Check out your nutrition status. Speak to a practitioner like me about hair mineral testing for mineral status and toxic metal load.


#6. Reduce your exposure to environmental nasties like pesticides, pollution, harmful chemicals in toiletries and cleaning products or at work if you work in industry.


It takes about 3 months to make sperm.  So, your guy should make these changes at least 3 months before you want to try to get pregnant, ideally.


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