*whispers* I have a confession to make.  I have a BFF. Shhhh, don’t tell all my other friends.

I don’t know how I functioned before she came into my life over 2 years ago.

She’s been such a faithful companion.  Third in line behind Mr P and the dynamic doodle duo, only.

We catch up EVERY day if we can.  I miss her sooooo much when I go away.

We do a lot of things together. We’ve had fun and adventures and some embarrassing moments

I’ve laughed with her and cried with her.  We spend a lot of time just hanging around in my kitchen.

She helps me out.   She never judges me when things go belly up.  She’s never needy.

She inspires me.  To be a better person.

I LOVE her. There I said it.


Things I admire most about her? She’s really versatile, FAST and can crush stones…  She’s one helluva gal.

Say what?


Meet My Kitchen BFF

Yes, my BFF can crush stones and she’s super FAST.  No, she’s not a superhero…well not in the sense that she wears her pants over her tights.

My BFF is a Kitchen BFF –  a gadget.

Not just any old gadget.  The best gadget I EVER bought.  And we have many, many gadgets here at KPHQ  – Mr P is into baking and cooking big time Charlie Bananas. He’s also a bit of a geek.

I’m a foodie too, as well as a Health Coach and I cook A LOT.

And I’d hankered after a super dooper blender for a long time. The basic blender attached to my smallfood processor or my hand held “blitzer” had their place, but they aren’t up to all the challenges I wanted to tackle head on.

I’d even done some research into super blenders – super dooper, super fast, super versatile, super useful, super EXPENSIVE.


Luck would have it, we came into a little windfall that Mr P and I shared and I spent my moolah on FLICK.

Flick … the Froothie Optimum 9400 Blender.  My Kitchen BFF.

We’ve been inseparable since.

 Love Froothie Optimum 9400

Flick The Froothie Optimum 9400 Blender

I had been looking at blender porn for a long time and I plumped for her mainly because …

…she has a fab spec comparable to other leading brands,  but was cheaper…

…and the reviews for the product and customer service were the aces…

…and she came in a range of good colours and is pretty darned stylish.  I know – I’m such a girl.

She’s from a “stable”  of quality blenders (and other handy gadgets) available from Froothie and is perfect for domestic use

I was so excited I posted photos of her everywhere. I bored the pants off everyone I knew talking about her. My kitchen crush.


I call her Flick because she creates magic at the flick of a switch.   (Like this Cashew Cheeze atop a raw pizza.)


I’ve never regretted my decision once. She never lets me down and customer service have always been great when I’ve had questions.

I’ve made smoothies, healthy hot drinks, soups, raw desserts, nut mylks and cheeze, batters, mousses, ice cream, dips and so much more.

I haven’t tried to crush stones yet, but you can see that in some videos. Impressive.

The blender is pretty easy to clean – mostly, I whizz it up with water and a tiny drop of eco washing up liquid and wash the lid separately. And wipe the blender body clean with a damp cloth.  Easy peasy.

Stacks of my friends now have nutribullets or similar, hand whizzers, food processors and I believe you’d be better with a super blender … and maybe a food processor if you do LOTS of baking like Mr P.

I use it pretty much every day at least once.


Got Blender Envy?

I loved Froothie and Flick so much I became an ambassador or affiliate. I’m loud and proud about that.

I never recommend ANYthing that I don’t use and love and hasn’t met my expectations.  I recommend only a handful of companies, products and services.

Flick, I still love you.  My crazy gadget crush and kitchen BFF.  Happy after over 2 years together.

You could peruse and choose your own here.



Froothie often have excellent offers on their products so do check out the page.

Or even watch the stone crushing video, right?  OR get some fabulous recipe ideas from the blog.