or “Your Children Are What You Ate…and Did”

You remember that woman on the tellybox, a few years back? She poked people’s poop and gave them new health plans? Yes, Gillian McKeith. She told us “You Are What You Eat”.

You don’t need to prod poop to know that’s true, but I’d like to develop that idea… your children ARE WHAT YOU EAT before their conception.  And WHAT YOU DO.

Sorry for “shouting”.  It’s a subject I get excited about.  Preconception Care.

I think it’s important for anyone and everyone planning a baby. Whether you’re struggling to get pregnant or just want to get in good shape before you start baby-making.

But few teach us this stuff.

And many pregnancies are unplanned.  So it actually makes sense to live a healthy life full stop. For the sake of our children as well as ourselves.

And at the heart of that is the food that you eat and the life choices you make.  A fertility friendly lifestyle, if you like.   That’s all preconception care is.


Preconception Care – An Ancient Wisdom

And it’s not just Natural Health Nuts like me who think it’s important.  It’s not a new idea.

Many traditional cultures have special diets for newlyweds to improve health for making babies.  In animal husbandry, animals are given special diets and conditions for mating and to boost chances of strong, healthy babies.

Take a look on the UK NHS website and it’s there. I quote “Preconception care is an opportunity for you and your partner to improve your health before you start trying for a baby”.

To me, that’s saying to first time marathon runners “Training is an opportunity for you to improve your health and fitness before running your first marathon”.

Of course you’d prepare for a big race.  So why don’t more people prepare to get pregnant and carry a child?  It’s not just about the Folic Acid.

The Need For Preconception Care Today?

There have been some incredible advances over time, it’s true.

Medical fertility treatments have been developed which have given joy to many, who have struggled with infertility.  We have lower rates of  birth defects, stillbirths and death in childbirth.  Premature babies have a better chance of surviving.

More people have access to healthier living conditions and enough food.  We are living longer.

There are also new risks to fertility, pregnancy and children’s health.  And to our health.

We’re exposed to more chemicals and toxins than before.

Food is more plentiful, but can be intensively farmed, processed or genetically modified.  And not everyone eats for nutrition. Levels of stress run high. More people are less active.

Despite living longer more people suffer awful conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. Many children suffer complaints like eczema, asthma, food sensitivities and more.

It’s a very complex picture.  For every study that proves something there seems to be another that says the opposite.  No wonder we’re so confused.

If Unhealthy People CAN Get Pregnant, Why Bother?

I know some of you are going to say that people who live very unhealthy lives still have children.

Clients often tell me the story of some “bloke down the pub” who exists on takeaways and beer and his only exercise is a game of darts and he has 4 kids and it’s not fair when they would do anything to have a child.

Maybe you have kids already and didn’t totally clean up your act before getting pregnant.  And your children are wonderful.

I get it.  It’s not essential to have a healthy lifestyle to fall pregnant and have lovely kids.

I’m suggesting it’s a sound idea, though, for everyone. Because we don’t fully understand yet the impacts of our lifestyle choices pre-kids, on pregnancy, childbirth and their future health.  What health issues could be prevented if parents lived healthier lives before children are conceived?  We don’t fully understand it yet.

AND there are 1 in 6 couples who find it tough to conceive.  Please don’t underestimate their struggles.

If your journey is tough, I suggest it will feel a little easier if you’re in control of it.  Boost your own health to boost your natural fertility. You’ll improve your chances of conception naturally or by IVF.

In my work, I’ve heard far too many people say “I’d do anything to have a child” and “I’d do anything for my children” – if that’s true, please do this. Do preconception care.


Preconception Care – What Does It Really Mean?

I teach couples preconception care.  I tailor my teaching based on results on Hair Mineral Analysis and their unique case history.

I teach them about:-

  • Fertility friendly foods
  • Fertility friendly lifestyle choices
  • Managing stress
  • Reducing toxins and chemicals in your life
  • Recognising and tackling underlying health problems
  • Natural fertility awareness
  • Complementary therapies that might support them on their journey to parenthood

I support people, I listen, I nurture, I encourage, I support their choices, I care.

No-one can guarantee you a baby – not even the most advanced conventional fertility doctors. Preconception care is a way of taking back control and making sure you are doing all you can to conceive and carry a happy, healthy baby.

And that means prospective Mums AND Dads. It takes two to tango:  two to get healthy to get pregnant   And start preparing at least 4 months before you want to start trying for  baby – that’s the minimal time to influence egg and sperm health.


Wah, Now I Feel Like Flogging Myself

I totally get that some people will read this and immediately think “well, is it all my fault then?”.

NOOOOOOOOOO!  No way, do I EVER think that. I am an encourager. There is no guilt, shame, blame or judgement in my groups or with my clients.

I really believe that we’re all just doing the best we can at any given time.  And that’s a huge positive.

I also think that when we learn new stuff, it’s an opportunity.  When we know better, we have the chance to do better.  We can draw a line under what went before and make changes, if we choose.  Knowing that we always  did our best and now our best might be a little better.

And the kind of stuff I teach, hardly anyone teaches. Not in schools, many doctors offices or many government programmes. So, it’s not surprising it’s new to many people.


I teach this stuff in a FREE online programme called 7 Steps To Boost Fertility. 

It covers ALL the basics you need to know to get baby-ready and boost fertility. It’s packed with valuable hints and tips – some are surprising.

It’s for you whether you’ve pee’ed on a gazillion sticks already or you’re just starting to get your head around getting baby fit

It’s super easy to access and use from an online “classroom”.  I’ll send you a link. It’s private and discreet – no-one knows you signed up our can see you in there. Watch at home or listen via headphones.