… a.k.a Where Did I Put My Flippin’ Glasses?


Are you 40 something or 50 something and can’t remember where the heck you put your specs?

Or you turned up to an appointment to find it was yesterday?

And recite a whole long list of names before you get to the right one for your partner/child/sibling/co-worker/friend?

*Hand shoots up*

Yes, that’s me. I have done ALL of the above.

I have the odd short-term memory lapse. Forgetting everyday stuff temporarily.

It’s the menopause memory problems.

Often hilarious.  Pretty embarrassing. Sometimes annoying. Occasionally a little worrying.


Why Do I Get Those Menopause Memory Problems?

As if hot flushes, muffin top, mood swings and dryness wasn’t enough, eh?  Bring on the “senior moments”.  Pile it all on.

During menopause our hormone balance changes. Oestrogen drops.

Our brains are responsive to oestrogen – it helps brain function. So when menopause gives us lower oestrogen, we can get memory lapses.

In my case, I also suffer more memory lapses when I’m really tired. So if you’re a night sweat sufferer (I have mine under control these days) sleepless nights might make your brain even foggier.

Whoopee do.

The good news is that once you’re through the other side, your brain should perk back up.  Break out the bunting for that.


Self-Help To Reduce Menopause Memory Problems

So what can help in the meantime?

Here are some of my bets tips for keeping the old cogs whirring….

#1 Drink plenty of filtered water to keep you body and brain hydrated.


#2 Eat a hormone friendly diet including phytoestrogens  (beans, peas, lentils and flax seed) and snarf brain foods like fish and fruit and veggies.  And if you think you may be deficient in your diet I suggest ladies of a certain age take a good quality multi vitamin, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, Vitamin C and Vitamin D (only in Northern Hemisphere winter).


#3 Exercise to get your blood pumping to your noggin as well as your body.


#4 Keep your brain active by learning new stuff, reading, playing chess or doing puzzles like crosswords.


#5 Get enough good quality sleep …that’s 7-8 hours a night folks.


#6 For a little extra help I like the gentle flower essence Australian Bush Flower Cognis.  It’s formula supports clarity and focus.


Don’t stress out about the menopause memory problems. When we’re stressed, we’re less likely to be mentally sharp. BUT if the lapses persist, worsen or really worry you, get yourself some peace of mind by seeing you doctor. Same with any symptoms.


I’m off to find my Sudoko book…if I can remember where I put it? Hehehe.